Why major theatre institutions should be left to die

Lyn Gardner fordert in der Zeitung "The Guardian" Umverteilungen in der Theater-Förderungspolitik. Ihre Kommentar auf die britische Kulturförderung ist auch im Kontext der Förderpolitik Deutschlands bedenkswert:

"The fact that we have funded some organisations doesn't mean we have to always fund them to such levels in the future – particularly in a tight funding climate. Neither funders nor artists should ever think any company or organisation should have a natural right to do so. We should be prepared to let institutions die. We should stop building bricks and mortar and empires, and rid ourselves of the belief that growth is a good thing for the arts. We should put money into the bottom of the pyramid, not the top – it is only by funding the bottom that we can create the future."

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